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Who we are:
We are all united by one important idea that no matter what you are—a musician, a lawyer, a designer, an entrepreneur, or a pizza slinger—the success you have is a direct reflection of the work you put in and the pride you take in that work. We measure our success in the number of customers that leave our restaurant thrilled about the food and interactions they just had. Not everyone wants to be a pizza lifer, and we get that, but we invite you to take part in the mentality we share. We feel it's a pretty cool way to live life.

               Be Respected and Respectful
This is our first value for a reason.  We are dedicated to earning the respect of our employees, customers, peers, and community. Nuff said.

               Be Appreciated and Appreciative
We will appreciate each customer that comes through the door, each acknowledgement we see,  and every ‘like’ you give us. You guys are the reason we do this and without your love and support, we wouldn’t be here. In turn, we promise to treat you like our family. Don’t be late for Sunday dinner or grandma Betty will be pissed.                
                Be Inspired and Inspiring

The restaurant biz ain’t easy.  Hell, sometimes life ain’t easy.  If you’re going to get up every day, do what you do, and do it well, you gotta have some inspiration. We will use our pizza, our atmosphere, our decor, our speakers, and our employees to showcase what inspires all of us. We are here to show people that you can be whatever you want - besides maybe a vampire, but we keep trying...     
                Be Encouraging and Excited
It’s obvious to us that we are excited to be pizza lifers, but we want you to feel it as well. Do you know lucky we feel to have pizza at our disposal for the rest of our lives? We know there are a million people out there that aren’t fortunate enough to live their dream but we will keep cheering them on until the finish line. We will encourage young Boss Ladies and Boss Dudes to keep chasing because we know if you run fast enough, you will catch what you’re after.

Our priority:

Rock your face off
with our pizza and service.

Boss Lady Pizza Enjoy

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       1129 13th Street, Boulder  •  Boss Lady Pizza  •  303.449.0909
                               ** Opens daily at 11am ** 
In-store until: Sun 11pm, Mon 10pm, Tues - Wed 11pm, Thurs - Sat  2:30am
       Delivery until: Sun 11pm, Mon 10pm, Tues - Sat  2:30am

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